Francis J. Neddo Fatally Injured In Collision at Saratoga Springs



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Francis J. Neddo Fatally Injured

I n Collisioil a t S a r a t o g a S p r i n g *

Son of Assemblyman and llrs. Hoosick Falls Han Dies
Henry Neddo Dies After
When Pinned Under Truck
Crash—Member of Law
Accident Occurred When Truck Hit
Firm in Saratoga.

Gives Award*
F i t Safety Essays

Julian Orton Giv*s Figurę* far Cambridge Boy and Hudson Falls
D m e HeW H e r ę — N o Hou*eGirl Are Winners—On* to
to-House Caitvaas.
Go to S u t e Contest.

The U.S.O. drive for fands f o r
The Washington county bus safety
1947 ended in Salem Monday with ard
soikitur^ to ciiwiMi Tw Ar. Herę This Eveuing

N a m e d — L a r g e Contribation.”* Arc
Hoped for by Committer.

Boys Will Be After Their Ninth
Straight Victory—Defeat
The annual drive for funds for t h e r
for infantile .
Fort Ann Quintet.

paralysis is under way in Salem. It i
~ ,
is boped t h a t all will give generously j The Salem Generals will go after
to t h e eampaign, in order that a ; their n m t h s t r a i g h t win tonight,
large mount of money be on hand I Thursday, when they e n t e r t a i n a
should there be an epidemie of t h e l dangerous Hartford high school fłve
disease in this county.
j on t h e local court. The local boys
Solicitors for this village and vicin- j are leading the Washington county
ity have been named a s foliows:
J Ieague with four s t r a i g h t wins, while
Cereghino. west side; — • – – – ; . . . . .
ZT?- «. _..
The Neddo car crashed into a catMain sttr e e t.; H iQ ^
• j ^ * *
scraping t h e road, moving a t about , r , ! u V h ! I i , „
sccond t i u c k L •
5.00 i tion for consideration in the state con- Academy and William streets
their s t r i n g of victories.
5.00 test.
three miles a n hour, when he saw liiei atruck tne logs, causing the d n v e r to Zr
” ” ^ ” ” J •• • • •
Clara Ston, West Broadway t o
Although , Salem defeated F o r t A n n
smc s
5.00′ Sheriff William J . Robertson h a s railroad; Elizabeth Bunker and Lila
Neddo car approaching. He stated lose control. The truck was reported , , Salem lLodge,e s391,n F . &s sA. M.
,.,.,, „ ….
r» .
iasnion, Coach Bob
3.00 awarded $10 for t h e first place entry, n )A m i•.o , from railroad. to cemetery; 1 m„ „convmctng . „
he stopped, b u t the Neddo car came to The man was taken and the hospital Jean Mackenzie Class
have left the road to overturned
1 ^ ^ ,_.„„ f a *
‘• /.„Y … “V
; and
u !.•
,> Ł T» 1
iv.ana was t a r trom satisned with t h o
§ ° for second place.
headon into t h e scraper. Poirier and by ambulance. Dr. Deiwer M. Vick-i Adam and Eve Club
Broadway; p e r f o r n ł a n c e o f h b ^
J j ha s
W. I. Nicholson of Ketchum Corners,
Marie Beatt.e, court housc to O Don-. b e e n drilUng
them h a r / a n
who arrived shortly after the acci­ ers, who attended Graney, said he ! Alice* * ? ‘
suffered a compound fracture of t h e
i?ji vr i* u
effort to iron out the f a u l t s oł last
dent, drove Mr. Neddo to the hospital,
Salem Central school
Edla McMahon, O Donnell s to Ver-, v r r; j n u > . o n ^ „ „ f „ >
,. •
mmx 1 /• uo ..u ” ‘ u a y » encounter.
I t is expected
where he died soon after being ad- skuli, lacerations of the face a n d
ON LIBRARY SHELYES _ i imont; M.nn.e Collins, South > t h a t S a l e m w i U s e m j
multiple contusions. Dr. Charles H . . T
Dr. Frederick G. Eaton,
Mam ^street; Sherman.^east ; H n e u p o n t h e floor m a d g u p ™ » J
L * i ~
Saratoga county coroner, said t h a t Holmes, Washington county coroner, i i ?
and s t a t e police a r e investigatng t h e ‘ The contributions of t h e school, re- Novels and Non-Fiction Rcceived a t side Main street . Baltz.. Co.; Beth , niasi a n d Ennis a t f o r w a r d s ; GilM-M street; Martha D
death was caused by a ruptured liver. aceident.
I P ” r t e d in the lump sum above, a r e
It. is bclicved Mr. Neddo w a s conShaw, Mili Patricia Martha Barnes, 1 c h r e s t a t c e n t e r ; a n d R ( > c h e ‘ a n ( J
street; Noonan, Baltz
Bancroft Public Library for
given a s foliows:; P a t n c . a
. Pitaro at
R e s e r v e s v ho will
fuscd by the lights on the g r a d e r and
j Room 203, Miss Layden
Manufacturing company.
be read
a r e R
Use of Local Readers.
thought they were street lights.
i Room 218, Miss Stanyon
Nelhe Greene Cleveland nelghbor.
• ™nc
Stee,e a n d ^
Before the road could be cleared af­
« * • *>-»-»«,
„ . – ^ ! R o o m 230, Mrs. Russell . .
nood; Elizal>eth Holland, Archibald
n „ ń«.ii™,;»o^,, „„«..„

ter the accident, Charles H. Caldwell
TVif following book 1
c? alem central • ,. ^.^L
– •..
car, causing considerable damage to
Room 233, Mr. Gartland
2.00 croft Public library:
school; . Alice Collins Bush distr.ct; f ^ y ^
Ł ł ^ w S f j B
Heffe/New Booklet Prepared Giving Infor­ Room 232, Miss F o r r e s t e r
the Caldwell machinę.
and Main road from J. Chamberl.n s. m a n c o a c h o f a U g p o r t s J
g J J
Mr. Neddo was one of the leading
mation of Ruies, Uirector
Room 231, Mr. Staedeli . . .
! Mountain Junior coUege, will handle
j ? 8 1 The Wall Between, Elsie Oakes Baryoung lawyers in this section. He
Grade 1-A, Miss Avery . . .
Riley Announces.
, ‘ o 0 i ber
was a member of the law firm of
Dairymen’s League Members i tne whistie in the main encounter.
Grade 1-B, Miss P r a t t
Pavilłon of
W omen, Pearl S. Buck
Leary, Fullerton and Neddo of Sara­
Grade 2, Miss Murphy . , .
w n -mm L Zt
1 mi.
Snów Under F o r t A n n
l’751 Love from London, Gilbert W. Gabriel
toga Springs, which he joined in June
A n s w e r s to the ąuestions most fre- j Grade 3, Mrs. Driscoll . , . .
W l U M e e t N e X t T h u r s d a y j The high-flying Generals rolled t o
2*30 i Janey Jeems, Bernice Kelly Harris
of 1937 and w a s a very successful I q U e n t l y asked about rent control a r e Grade 4, Miss LaMarte . . .
i their eighth consecutive t r i u m p b h e r e
9 ” 0 5 Thieves in the Night, A r t h u r Koestler
r .a d . 5 . . . . i n . c .l n
e .
trial lawyer. Mr. Neddo was a mem- ‘ now available in a smali booklet t h a t ; 5
S u b – B f e t r k t Session Wffl Be Held at i ^ * F r ^ – V , *j*
» 5f*” i l , ?
TQR ‘ Bright Skies, Emilie Loring
Grade 6, Miss Mulligan
ber of the Washington county Repub, r ort A n n by t n e one-sided seore of
covers points of interest to t e n a n t s ! I ^ » i d u . I e o n i f f i t i o ™ ‘ rf f L W j H o l d f a s t Gaines, Odell and Willard
Address t o Members.
lican committee, and of the Washing­
Easton—Director Will Give
and landlords, F r a n c i s X. Riley of Al- | cach from Mr. Streeter, Mr. Converse. — S 6 f f * * f
. T
ton county bar association, of which
bany, area r e n t director, has an Miss Duby, Mr. Harmon, Mr. K a n a , l ^ g f * ^ J « *
i The local five w a s s p a r k s d by Jiaa
, *% °£
he was president last year.
iTomasi, who t h r e w in sbots from aU
Miss McClellan. Mr. Roche, MiasjThe Herdsman, Dorothy Ciarkę WilA graduate of the Whitehall high
jover the court to g a r a e r 20 p o i n t s .
Copies of the pamphlet called, Swan, a n d Mr. F l i n t ; Miss Albee, 5 0 ! *on„
school, he received his bachelor of
, M l l T *3j
A sub-district meetmg of t h e O n e e again Georg© Gilehrest a n d
T h
arts degree from Colgate university “Some a n s w e r s to Questions About c e n t s , a n d Mr. Tyler, 25 cents.
^ House on the Park, Maijoi.e
Dairymen’s league will be held a t I Dick Ennis proved to be towers rf
in 1929 and was graduated from H a r ­ OPA Rent Control,” may be had
The t o t a contribution
been . r t a e
without c h a r g e a t the Glens F a l l s turned over l .to Hall Neimerh a s Hud-i( ^t o Worthmgton , f e – ^ l t : k ł
^ | ?n L r
f f ^ Burton hall in Easton on Thursday, t s t r k n S t h w i * h their fine d A m a n d
vard law school in 1932.
rent office, 10 Broad street.
February 6. The meeting will be • ^
m JtZSPj*!?*
He is survived by his parents, by
son p n n a wKn ia county nhatrman
Falls, who U , . n „ n t v chairman I Nurse Barlow, Lucy Agnes Hancock be„ served , a t noon by the f.women of : Pi**«> ptayed their osual ? goodi g a m a
, ,
, , .
scoring back court a n d set u p m a n y
“The bookiet will be helpful not for the drive
The Hoilow, A g a t h a C n n s t i e
his wife the former Miss Luciile L a t called a t 11 o church and dmner w d l j i n t h e
the Methodist cloek
The s t a r t i n g Salem five of Tomasi,
tanaio of S a r a t o g a Springs, and a only to persons who have speclfte r e n t
The White Dress, Mignon Eberhardt
Groyer Guernsey, director of t h e i E n n j S j Roehe, G i k h r e s t , and P i t a r ó
problems r i g h t now but also to all
sister, Miss M a r y Neddo who is a
league, from Cobleskiłl, will be the didn’t seera to ctiek in t b e first t w a
member of t h e Whitehall school fac- tenants and landlords,” Mr. Riley LIBRARIES MAY GET
They Shook the F a m i l y Tree, Hilde- principai speaker.
Other speakers ą u a r t e r s and were replaeed b y t b e
said. ” M a n y persons a r e not aculty.
MORĘ STATE MONEY From theDolsonof the S t a i r s , Gretchen will be J a m e s Candon, director, from second team. Due to t h e r a g g e d
Funeral aervices for Mr. Neddo will ąuainted with t h e details of rent con­
Pittsford, Vermont, and Richard Van- s t a r t of t h e Generals, Salem held a
be held Friday morning a t 9 o’clock trol t h a t they should know for their
derwood of the Albany division office. j 15-8 {©ad a t half time
T h e second
at the Neddo home, 178 Lakę avenue, own protection.”
Emergency Measure to Aid P u b l k Where Are We H e a d i n g ? Sumner
A report of the directors* meeting: half found a rejuvmated s”alem team
Saratoga Springs, and a t 9:30 a.m.
Among the answers to ąuestions
held in Buffalo on J a n u a r y 17 wtll | dropping 32 points t h r o u g h t h e nets
Libraries Introduced Before
a* St. C’lement’s Catholic church. On furnished in t h e booklet a r e those
The Wild Flag, E. B. White
be given by Jacob F . P r a t t , sub- j while holding the F o r t A n n ftve t o ł t
Saturday morning a t 9 o*clock fu­ that explain:
S t a t e Legislature.
district president.
George E. Mc-! T h e Salem Junior V a r s i t y chalked*
neral services will be held a t the
1. Which r e n t s are subject to r e n t
Care for Your K i t t e n , Margaret F . Geoch J r . of Cambridge will conductjup their sixth v k t o r y of t h e year a s
home of his p a r e n t s , Mr. and Mrs. control and which are exempt.
An emergency bill calling for $-,«
the young co-operators p a r t of t h e ; they down t h e F o r t Ann J u n i o r s by a
Henry Neddo, in Whitehall, and a t
2. The circumstances under which
i score of 36-8. Big Jeff Smali, r e 9:30 at Our Lady of th*e Angels a landlord m a y get an inerease in 000,000 state aid to public libraries Do You Know Your Football? D. H.
Delegates from twenty locals of j s e r v e center on the J.V. t e a m , took
L, Baker
church in t h a t village.
Interment rent, and how a tenant knows w h a t in New York state has been intro­
the league in this sub-district wtBjscoring honors with 12 points.* This
will be in t h e Neddo cemetery In the legał r e n t ceiling is.
duced in the legislature by Senator The Wonderful Year, Nancy Barnes i _ l
— _…J—v.._
..a . i i . t . V . I – I , , » , , , fta»c w i l t ; n,va» ^ a w t t f ; s i j u a u s o i e
Mystery of the Spanish Sabcr, L. A.
Whitehall. Friends may cali a t the
3. Under w h a t conditions OPA m a y Walter J . Mahoney of Buffalo and
tties. Anyone interested in milk possession of first place in t h e race
Neddo home in Whitehall after 3 p.m. reduce r e n t s , a n d
Several books for children pre- m a r k e t i n g is invited to attend.
for the Junior Yarsity chanapionship.
4. W h a t protection tenants have Assemblyman H a r r y Rcoux of W a r The s u m m a r y of t h e main g a m ę :
rensburg. The funds will be used tojsented to the library by Mrs, 1 | j f l t g
a g a i n s t eviction, except for legally
Marshalsea will also be accessioned.
Fort Ann—
sound reasons.
“finande inereased costs of salaries,
Saratoga Officiak
Dairymen’s League Officials
books, and other necessary supplies”
Russ, r f . .
1 3 §
Pick Up Whiting
***** a
And Company Are Fined January MUk Expected
so t h a t t h e libraries ean centiawi M t e County Attorney
Cointot, r f
0 3
Raymond F. Whiting, 18, of Glens Campp, lf
provide necessary services to New
3 i
On State Comuiittet*
To Bring $5.14 per Cwt. York state communities.”
, Thume, lf
1 1
Cbarged With
Manipulating New
Edward R. Waite of Hudson Falls in j a n by Judge Wy man S. bascom j p a r ^ o r Fs
1 m
The sponsoring legislators stated
Vork Butter Market—Fines of
in county court last wee ?, was a r r e s t – i R i a s d n f
1 1
New York Forecast Is Higher T h a n that the bill is an emergency bill for attorney for Washington county % ha; ed on a bench w a r i a n t by S a r a t o g a !
*29,0OO Are lmpoaed.
one year only bccause permanent been appointed by the president of the
county officials wlien his two-day t e r m !
Last Year Dr. C. J. Blanpjans” for state-wide library service mayors conference as a member of
a 12 18
and s t a t e aid cannot be madę until t h e legislati^c committee of this was served. Whiting was c h a r g w l „l .a , e m —
ford Reports.
with third degree burglary and p l e a d – , . ,
The Dairymer^s League co-opera4
the two-ycar survey of library ^«rvice ! stroiiP.
. „
w a sent
‘t”us’ r ‘
tive association and four of its ofby the state d e p a r t m e n t of education ‘ , Tato committee n w t U each Mon- ed innocent. and case w a ss flxcd t o ! ? ‘ w ” * ? a ! * F * ‘ rf
1 1
county court
at *
Approximately 45,000 dairymen in is completed on June 1, 1917. A j, day afternoon in Albany d u n n g the $500.
|Tomasi. lf . „ . , . . . . . . . . 10
0 20
(icers entured pleas of guilty in fedthe New York milkshcd will be paid permanent bill wifl be introduced in j «!«uon of the legislature and cxamIn Washington county Whiting was Ctoawr, ^f
0 a
eral court Monday to charge.s of
allowed to plead guilty to unlawful | Gilchrest, e
1 0 f
an estimated uniform price of $5.14 j the H/48 session of t h e legislature, | | n »
manipulating t h e New York butler

1 3
per hundredweight for their milk de-1 they said.
Kiarket to flx milk prices, and fines
l h c r i e s in J a n u a r y to 432 pool^
, u°! K..
t”taiing $20,000 were imposed on
0 0
, ,
– ^
out that, while New Y
approved plants, according to a fore- , o g n ł z c s t h c c d u c a l j o n a j ,mpo
in S a r a t o g a Springs last October.
Trance, Ig
0 a
A penalty of $25,000 a g a i n s t the east rcleased Monday by Dr, C. J. j 0 f public libraries to thc extent that
Ftying S<,uirrel Appears.
ociatiofi a n d $1,000 each against Blanford, m a r k e t administrator of it regulates their »ctivities, libraries
Mrs. Ervil Beutlcy, who resides on
Collection Box Stolen.
5 47
! rcceive no state aid exccpt for 75,- the Arlington road, has for some
Sometime last Thursday morning
Henry H. Rathbun of New Hartford, the New York marketing arca.
Referee: Boss, Glens F a l l s . Foids
000 from the income rf the United
The estimaLe is based on an ex- , States deposit fund. This sum is dis- time operated a bird-feeding station.' ty the administrator J Hbrary. The aid is mandated for lii” tbe N«;w York wholesalc market in
!><<i'iiil»(.r to sustain the price rf milk was a b u t t e r f a t differential of 5.21 b r a r y use sińce no library will repiategE
»« J a n u a r y . U was claiiwd the a s – cents for each tenth of a pound of f a t j c c i v e the emergency funds if its local
soeiaTten aeted to^BrOteet nrlees for above <»r below the 3.5 standard.
| appropriation is reduced below the
P a y m e n t a t the uniform price w i l l ' c u r r e n t level. Thc funds a r e not car- Selective Service Hea4 Points Out That Law Is StUU in Effect, Friday at Mii I ni ulu
prodtteen in the New York milkshed
County Clerk Ralph Pieraon Smitn
«»d to prevenl a milk shortage in be madę for milk testing 3.5 per c e n t ! marked for a n y stiecific purposc but
Three Places to Register in This County.
warna owners of automobile* t h a t tha
butterfat rcceived at plants 201-210! may be expended a t the discretion of
the N e w y o r k market.
H»4fi lieense plates will expire a t midmiles from New York city.
the boards of t n i s t e e s following reguAll małe eitizetw a r e still "reipiired ) simple.
(ieneral Brown «xplanied. night Friday. All automobiles in use
: lations establiahed by the commtsto register with ,^elective service a» "The r e g i s t r a n t iQe
‘ Hmi.ridge is on the list of 3,118 hos- i i n n „ d ” s o n Falls and asked for a h o t ; spread of morę than four
‘ • ‘ ‘ – * l pccially the last two weeks.
Washington c o u n t y
pluł* m t b e C n i t e d . S t a t e s and Can- w ‘ f t l e r bottle. When Mr. Fielder p r e – plunged portions of Essex. Franklin
Granville may register with j a considerable distanee from an> I.MHI
ada which have been approved by the sen ted tho article, the man, who g a v e and Clinton countiea into a blaekout Miss Margaret Cunningham. Reg- board, it is M f s w t e d that the regI!N”
Were F l y i n g .
American college of surgeorw.
his name aa William Winn, offered a one night la*t week when it dive- ihtranls in the south p a r ł of the coun- i s t r a n t contact the l>oard and in<|uire
The de.-tf n u t ion
Other yicinity institutioris on t h e eheck for $35 bearing the s i g n a t u r e bombed high tension wires a t the
John Bright
»ppiov w J Ust urn the Glen» Falls h»s*- of F . Binch and drawn on the F i r s t – R e n t Falls plant of tho eastern New- ty r may ^ ^ ^ Y ł with T l e n ington of if there is a registrar located near hi.s |ieeman s ludleł aftt i t!,e animal had
g e ^ j
o n
of home ..i place of business.'”
been injured by an automobile in
WW, Saratoga hospital, Moses-LudNational bank of Glens Pall*. Mr, York Power company, Lmemen *»” Cambridge
Registration will also permit the Troy reeently. led to many wild rumeton hospital, Ticondeioga.
Fielder ^ ^ d for identifteation o c and; utes, The d a m a g e in electrocuted min-j Soma young men, it b belleved, a r e f local board to issue a clasairkation i mors. Numerous p w p l e called newsJ’rovi
approvaI wai
Tl asked tlmt hc could p r u r e pa i red the blrd was about ten by» inliiiiMiriT forsettinK ! > reirister. Uthers card to the registrant. The carrying njinor « a«L-mi» uhmit ” » . h n n t .
W«*i R i„nal
tku U/,
n i the man

Francis J. Neddo, 38, of S a r a t o g a
Springs, son of Assemblyman and
Mis. Henry Neddo of Whitehall, was
fatally injured on Tuesday afternoon
when his car w a s in collision with a
road grader in Suratoga. Mr. Neddo
died a t the S a r a t o g a hospital a t 5:30,
about an hour after the accident.

Dralt Kegislration Is Mili Keijuirecl
iea*h with 4 u^es and
Of All Boys on Their 18th B i r t h d a y ' ^

win .


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